At Dee's Childcare, we use Baby’s Days the most advanced, interactive child care management system available to provide daily updates on your child’s progress and achievements.

Baby's Days allows us to form and maintain an effective, simple partnership with our families. Baby's Days allows parents to view numerous areas of the system including Daily Notes, Toileting, Sleep Times, Progress, Photograph Galleries, Policies, Permissions and Invoices etc. Within the Daily Notes they can read about the child's daily activities and leave comments for us to read and respond to. Within the Progress section parents can read Progress and Observation notes, view photographs and see exactly what development level the child is currently at. In addition, parents can read, agree to, and digitally sign acceptance of our Policies and Permissions and also view and print your weekly/monthly invoices.

But best of all, the system is fully interactive enabling parents to add/share photos and observations of their child's achievements at home, therefore, providing a complete development record between home and your childcare provider



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We are a forest childcare provider and a great believer that children learn best outside the classroom when they are free to explore, take risks, and build resilience.


Lingotots Bexley, offers language lessons and for more than 5 years we have affiliated with them to bring this opportunity to the children in our care. Once a week, a tutor comes to the day care and delivers a French lesson for the children whose parents wish them to attend, due to the additional cost.

We also participate in the Lingotots Generations programme, where sessions are held in a local elderly care home, where the children interact with the elderly residents.

More recently we have started a great partnership with Europa Gym Club in Crayford where we attend Gym Zone once a week.

Gym Zone is unstructured gymnastics play incorporating gymnastics equipment, soft play shapes and a bouncy castle where children can have fun playing, exploring and developing their co-ordination skills and enhance their physical development.